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Refuge Recycled Paint - Jasper


Welcome to Refuge, our premium, 100% recycled line of paint, designed to help you make your home a sanctuary without sacrificing sustainability. Our high-quality, low-sheen velvet latex paint is perfect for walls, ceilings and trims. It's washable, adheres like a dream, and boasts superior hiding power. Saturated, innovative, and environmentally friendly - what are you waiting for? Add to cart!

The Geode collection consists of shades that reflect the natural beauty of the earth's semiprecious stones and crystals. Refuge's first collection, these organic tones will bring harmony and haven to your space.

Jasper is one of the most multi-faceted, manifold stones found in nature, and this neutral has all of that versatility and interest. This light tan-beige is a perfect backdrop for melange of neutral tones - but don't discount the way it will make bolder colors shine, too!

What makes Refuge Recycled Paint eco-friendly? We divert paint from landfills and give it new life, re-sourcing tons of old paint, avoiding the production of new paint, and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases by a factor of four - that's four times less than the production of conventional paint! 

Be sure to mix thoroughly for the best consistency. Use a synthetic paintbrush (nylon or polyester), a 13 mm lint-free roller, or a spray gun diluted to a 10-15% ratio for uniform application. Temperature must range between 10°C – 32°C, and humidity levels must be lower than 50%, with good ventilation, For best results, two coats should be applied, with at least 6 hours between coats.

3.78 L, 480 sq. ft. coverage.

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